This blueprint will ignite the fire within you . . . it will help you

    • Master your brand messaging like a pro, captivate your die-hard fans, and soar your brand to new heights!

    • Release the badass, unique voice that sets you apart from any and all competitors, giving you the edge you need to dominate your market.

    • Utilize proven, battle-tested formulas to craft messaging that magnetically draws in your die-hard fans and leaves them begging for more.

    • Niche down and discover your fiercely loyal fan base, making sure your brand resonates with the right people who will become your ultimate advocates.

    • Establish a crystal-clear, badass identity that etches itself into the minds of your die-hard fans, making it impossible for them to forget you or the kick-ass services you offer. Trust-building is our middle name!

Get ready to tap into your brand’s true potential and conquer the hearts of your die-hard fans like a confident, fearless leader!

Hi, it's me, Sarah!

I’m here to guide you to AIM (achieve, inspire, & measure) your brand messaging & marketing like a pro, so you can conquer the market & create a kickass, profitable business that can last a long time, and not just as a side gig!

With over 13 years of helping business owners just like you achieve a 10,000% increase in reaching their die hard fans, I can tell you it was because they were able to get clear on their messaging, speak directly to who they want to help, and build a profitable business!

I am passionate about helping you turn your business into a well-oiled machine, so you can concentrate on what you do best: help your clients!

This blueprint will give you a peek into how I help my clients uncover their authentic voice & speak to their ideals clients … and how YOU can do it, too!

When I’m not working on my business,

you can find me working on some DIY project with my wife Valerie, sharing random pictures of our cat Hazelnut, or walking our dog Holly Mae.

Pictured above, left to right: Hazelnut and Holly Mae
Pictured Above, left to right: Sarah L. Minor and her wife, Valerie Minor

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